'The Beaches' is a Newcastle icon. Overlooking Merewether Beach, there couldn't be a more perfect Tim Neve venue!

For Phase One we gutted the top floor of its poky little hotel rooms to create a whole functions level, in shades of greige with panoramic views.

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Phase Two revealed another finished function level, which follows a similar style to the top floor.

Shades of greige and beachcomber styling are complemented by on-trend chevron marble mosaic columns and a stunning trio of clay chandeliers.

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Suitably beachy, these bathrooms look more like L.A. Pool Club change rooms, with shutter doors in grecian blue, and bikinis hanging from anchor-shaped hooks.

In the men’s bathrooms, a wall-sized urinal features the ‘Blueprint’ wallpaper design with drippy jellyfish really coming to life as water flows along the glass.

It’s also the first interior in the world to make use of Tim's debut tile, Mermania in blue. Stay tuned for more cement tile designs to be released in the coming weeks too.

Stay tuned throughout what's left of this year as Tim waves his style wand through the massive four public bars on the ground floor of 'The Beaches' with playful colour and patterns featuring heavily from his own debut fabric and wallpaper collection.

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Inspired by the existing colourful mosaic flooring left from previous reincarnations of the space, the colour palette mixes moody charcoal greys with natural sisal and a vibrant nautical red.

The entire mood is one of almost being below-deck on a ship, with a hedonistic feeling created with wine bottle storage and barrels throughout.

Old sail cloth stamped with bright red numerals are up cycled into cushions, alongside custom-coloured velvet versions of Tim's ‘Cabin Boy’ textile pattern.

Scrapwood-lined shelves display curios of the sea, pulling together a delightful story and character to the space.

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