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First you had to have an email address, then a website. All old-school platforms now really. After a two year reluctance I have finally dived into the online community of Facebook (my hesitation made me miss out on the popularity of MySpace completely). Once I had semi-mastered FB I discovered the even more addictive Twitter. So what else was I missing in my online existence? A blog.

Welcome to the Tim Neve blogspot.

Unlike my website, which is primarily a ‘portfolio’ of recent editorial styling commissions and self-driven publications, and Facebook which is more to organise and reflect (sometimes regret) my social life – I’m excited by the new layer of connectivity having a blog will bring: to add a different dimension of insight into the ‘behind the scenes’ of my work/life (yes, the boundaries are always blurred) : the inspiration, the process and the discoveries as they happen.

As my Mother taught me – it’s nice to share. And that’s what I hope to do here… without too much shameless self-promotion, hopefully. x

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