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Beach Hotel Interiors – Latest Reveals!

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I feel like I’m chasing Summer, but I’ve finally got around to photographing my latest, colourful interior design reveals for the Beach Hotel. This massive three-year project is now at the point of ‘finishing touches,’ and I have to say… she’s never looked finer!

A Newcastle icon, The Beach Hotel overlooks Merewether Beach with panoramic ocean views. There couldn’t be a more perfect ‘Tim Neve’ venue. Comprising 7 bar spaces, each room flows to the next to reveal a different take on the central beach theme.

The result is a wonderland of nautical pattern and colour, unlike any commercial space in Newcastle. The ‘Front Bar’ areas, comprising casual drinking, dining and lounge spaces take on a relaxed tropical vibe. Cool aqua greens mix with vibrant nautical blues, with accents of hot salmons and flamingo pinks, even an acidy yellow to complete the aquatic rainbow.

What makes the series of spaces truly unique, is the original art deco architecture has been used to highlight the organic forms of the curved ceilings, stepped cornices and bold columns throughout. The result is a lively play of antiquity meeting modernity, all wrapped up in a pleasing seaside execution.

Take a step inside some of the spaces in the Facebook gallery…

tim-neve-beach-hotel-front-1-WEBb tim-neve-beach-hotel-front-2-WEBb  tim-neve-beach-hotel-front-7-WEBtim-neve-beach-hotel-front-6-WEBbb

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