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Support Stylist Tim Neve’s second book ‘NEST’

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Exciting times ahead, as I plan to release my second book before the year is out! This time around I ask you all to pre-purchase the title through crowdfunding website Kickstarter to ensure the limited-edition publication makes it onto the printing presses.

After the success of my first book ‘Sandcastles’ which went on to be released not only in Australia, but in the UK and USA, I can’t wait to produce another timely title. ‘Nest’ uses trend-forecasting to present a forward-thinking interiorscape with global appeal.

The colourful and visually evocative title is backed up with imaginative dialogue ensuring ‘Nest’ is filled with essential information for the home decorator. It will be a charming read, this book is overflowing with descriptive commentary and practical information.

As I said at the launch of the book, “Expect an aspirational publication from me. I love that books can get readers excited about new ideas for their own home.”

Featuring inspiring styled photography (from Photographer Johan Palsson, of Sandcastles) from moodboards and colour palettes, to whole room solutions, the book stands alone as an illustrative bible of interior styling.

All of this is wrapped up in high quality production values, that you would expect of a TN hardcover book.

This exciting book is being crowd-funded for a short window of time. I urge readers to pre-order before the cut-off date of July 31, 2016 to make sure they don’t miss out! TN x

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The book is split into four chapters exploring exciting interior inspirations with an authentic source the common thread, as Tim says in the Introduction:

Almost primal, or seasonal, or to the very heart of what makes up our existence from the beginning of time, this book is broken up into four chapters of style: of course there’s my own take on Atlantis (water), but first we begin with Elements (earth), Eden (plant) and finally Celestial (fire)”

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Media praise for Tim Neve’s first book:

“Tim Neve’s design ideas are clever and plentiful” – The Australian

“It is unabashedly an ideas book, encouraging readers to experiment as they find the paths that work for them” – The Herald

“This lovely coffee-table book explores the many moods and palettes of relaxed coastal decorating at its best” – Home Beautiful

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