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Greetings from Santorini!

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I’ve just returned from a visual research trip to Europe for my upcoming second book.

A highlight was Greece. Every time I told someone I was going there, the first thing they said was “Are you going to Santorini??”

Well now I know why… I had always admired the Greek Island, but it’s very rare in life that someplace actually looks even better in reality than on the postcard.

Maybe it’s the white rendered buildings, but the sea and sky is just a different shade of blue in Santorini. A more vibrant crayon has been used than back home.

In fact, if there was ever a place on earth you could honestly tag #nofliter, I recon this is it!

Every moment you turn your head there is visual inspiration, and simple but effective decorating ideas aplenty – from the sea-stone mosaics, to the marble patchwork paths, and of course those trademark ‘Santorini Blue’ shutter doors.

The Santorinians sure know how to inject a vibrant pop of colour through climbing plants too, adding to the layering of the tiny spaces.

I truly felt like I had found my island home, and can’t wait to find an excuse to re-visit one day soon…


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