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Latest Interior Design Reveal! Nautical Hotel

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Step inside my latest interior design reveal today – a nautical-inspired functions room at The Beach Hotel, Newcastle.

The room is one in a series of interiors being unveiled throughout the coming months.

You may remember my other two functions level in shades of greige. Well, this basement level venue has a distinctly different feel.

Inspired by the existing colourful mosaic flooring left from previous reincarnations of the space, the colour palette mixes moody charcoal greys with natural sisal and a vibrant nautical red.

The entire mood is one of almost being below-deck on a ship, with a hedonistic feeling created with wine bottle storage and barrels throughout.

Rustic shutters are cut up and mixed together as a feature wall with a Mediterranean feel, even the weaved patio furniture suggests a timeless Italian fishing port.

Old sail cloth stamped with bright red numerals are up-cycled into cushions, alongside custom-coloured velvet versions of my ‘Cabin Boy’ textile pattern.

It took days of winding hundreds of metres of hefty rope around structural columns to give them a new nautical persona.

Scrapwood-lined shelves display curios of the sea, pulling together a delightful story and character to the space.

I’m thrilled with the result. Once again, just one more room with a different tale to tell in this mammoth interior design undertaking.

Step inside the full gallery on Pinterest and Facebook.





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