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Latest Interior Styling: Belljar Coffee, Newtown

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Sam and Ange asked me late last year to bring together the styling concept for their exciting venture – a cafe in Newtown, Sydney.

It’s been about a decade since I’ve lived in Sydney but colourful Newtown hasn’t changed, in fact it’s grown! Belljar Coffee has opened shop in Alice Street, just a short stroll from the bustle of main King Street.

The brief for the design was: Eclectic Vintage, French but Industrial, and as the space was small: Campervan Kitchen. Fun!

It was an enjoyable process coming up with not only the muted colour scheme, with bursts of red (similar to the metallic tones of retro Kitchenaid appliances) but then to shop with the guys to find all of the eclectic wares within, working to a budget.

So next time you find yourself in the neighbourhood call in to Belljar, Sam whips up a damn fine latte too!


Above: From concept, to reality…



Ange constantly adds personality to the space by restyling with new finds, such as these tapestry artworks.


LOVE the rustic fruit crates assembled into functional wall storage.


Customers stop and feel the wall to check if it’s real – it’s not, but a large format digital print!


The main feature wall displays a mix of circular objects such as plates, tin lids, mirrors and clocks.


Sam did an amazing job at polishing the floor himself – the texture and colours that emerged is gorgeous.

The counter is wrapped in vintage wallpaper.



Every object within has it’s own personality but works well together.


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